Replica BRM Wheels

When I started to build my car I had wanted to use BRM replica knock on wheels but all the wheels available were very expensive and were not true replicas, in fact I didn't think they looked at all like the originals. I therefore settled for 15" five stud fixing Halibrand replica wheels. Now that the car is finished and my finances have recovered a little I decided to look again at wheels and soon discovered that their were still no good BRM replica wheels to be had. I decided to look into making some and obtained an original magnesium alloy one piece wheel as a sample. From this I made a mould for the wheel centre and had LM24 aluminium casting made from this. These casting were then machined to accept modern split rims thus allowing me to produce any offsets that I should want. The wheel centres were designed so that the split rims could be mounted with bolts from the rear so that no bolt heads would appear on the front to give away the illusion. The next stage was to machine knock on adaptors which were machined from a solid block of EN8 steel, acres of swarf here !. The adaptors mount onto the standard five stud flanges and provide peg drive to the wheels with the wheels retained by a knock on spinner. A spinner mould was also made and LM25 Aluminium castings were taken from this and then machined to suit the thread and taper on the wheels and knock on adaptors. When assembled and sprayed with two pack paint the wheels provided me with the desired look which I think suit the car very much more than my original Halibrand bolt on wheels.

Pictorial review

The picture on the right shows the wheel centre casting with some machining. The picture on the left shows the knock on adaptor and the picture below to the left shows the wheel center with rims fitted, the adaptor fitted and the knock on spinner.

wheel Adaptor

The picture on the right shows a view of the rear drivers side wheel - the desired look achieved. The picture on the left shows the rear knock on wheels with the engine section of the bodywork open, the tyres are 335/35ZR17 Pirelli P Zero on 13" wide rims.

Castings wheel

Since completing these wheels I have had a problem with one of the drive pegs working loose and therefore have now modified the adaptor design so that it now has five drive pegs instead of the original six as shown, these are also the adaptor retaining nuts and are recessed into the mounting flange to provide more positive positioning and greater strength this revised arrangement has not shown any signs of working loose. I hope to add pictures of the revised adaptor to these pages soon.