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Updated 24th April 2001

Engine Oil Analysis

The Analysis takes into account.

Oil viscosity change - important for power and bearing protection
Oil dilution by fuel - reduces oil's load bearing capability and viscosity. Rich mixture or in worst case leaking fuel pump or injectors.
Water content - internal corrosion and acid formation, From condensation of combustion by products.
Antifreeze content - Glycol attacks bearing material.
Acid content - attacks bearing material.
Alkali content - Gives an indication of how much the oil has in reserve to combat acid build up.
Soot content - gives an indication of combustion efficiency and piston ring sealing.
Wear metal analysis - The most important information. Gives a very clear indication of the level of each metal in the oil, wear of the pistons, bore, rings, bearings, etc. can be monitored and a warning of an impending component change or failure can be given.
Oil additive package analysis - Gives an indication of how the oil is coping with the demands on it. A decision on when to change the oil will be made to prevent use of highly contaminated oil.
I am able to measure your engine's wear against a database of other engines of the same type, make, size, power output, etc.

The cost of this service is 11.60 per sample for UK users. The service is abvailable to users world wide but at a slightly higher cost reflecting the higher postal charges.

  • E-Mail Steve at FSDT Racing for further information.

  • If you have any services that you think might be of interest to GT40 owners please e-mail me with details for consideration..