Photographs of GT40 Replica Cars

The picture on the right shows Weber 48IDA carbs on modern heads. Note the breather pipes, a must on these engines. Full cross over road/race exhaust system. On the left is an interior view of a replica. The seats are individual units not loose covers as on the original cars and all a little smarter.
Webers Interior
On the right a very attractively finished replica. Red GT40's are often mistaken for Ferrari's but the decals in this case help to give it its Ford look. On the left Weber 48IDA carbs on original Gurney heads. Note that they are angled inwards.
red gt40 Gurney
On the right the more common Holley carbs setup on the standard non-cross over road exhaust system. This engine is probably around 230BHP. on the left another nicely finished Mk.1 this car now sports BRG and yellow livery and has a 500BHP 351 Cleveland fitted. It is now a very fast car.
Holley GT40
The car on the right is finished in the the famous Gulf Oil colours whilst the one on the left is equally smart.
These are front and side views of my car
GT40 side GT40 Front
These are a couple of views of my car from the rear
GT40 Rear GT40 Rear