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Historic GT40 bits

The pictures below are of the rear fibre glass section of an original GT40 Mk.1 chassis number 1074. This is the rear deck that was cut down by Steve McQueen's Solar Productions company to use as the camera car in the 1970 film 'Le Mans' in which Steve McQueen starred. It was driven in the film by drivers Rob Slotemaker and Johnathan Williams. After the film was made it was sold to Harley Cluxton of Grand Touring Cars Inc. Chicago, Illinois. It was then sold to Anthony Bamford of Staffordshire, UK. who had it fitted with a new rear decking. The fibre glass section that you see here passed through several hands and is currently owned by me. As you can see it has suffered over the years and of course the fibre glass is not of the same quality as that produced these days. My intention at this time is to restore the section and take a mould from it so that I might produce a modern fibre glass reproduction. What happens now ?, well I don't know, certainly nothing this year as my work and play load is already full.

~1074 photo

The above photo shows #1074 when it had been modified to use as the camera car in the Steve McQueen film "Le Mans" The photographs below show the rear fibre glass section as it is today prior to restoration. The quality of these photographs is not very good, I intend to obtain better resolution photographs soon and then these will be replaced.

#1074 rear deck1

#1074 rear deck2