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Updated on 11th July 2001

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A Handbrake under the dashboard - by John Hardy
A Video with watching
Portrait of a car
Spa-Francorchamps Print
The 10,000 Forty
Better Carbs & Sparks - by Brian Coombs
Glass Reinforced Fibre and its use - by Ken Saunders
Brakes - by Dave Punshon
Strut your stuff - by Dr. Tom Clarke
How did I get into this ?. - by Steve Davis (Building a GT40 replica)
Uprated Brake and Clutch kits - by Ken Saunders
GT40 Brakes or the lack of them - by Mike Osborne
Rod Gear Shift Linkage - by Ken Saunders
Building the KVA GT40 (Part 1) - by Ken Saunders
Rear Suspension - My cure for the KVA "C" Type Chassis - by Doug Bryant