Ken Saunders

My Zenith Zodiac CH650 project


    Unfortunately many reasons now force me to sell my partially completed light aircraft project.  The Zenith CH650 is an all aluminium two seat light aircraft full details of which you can obtain from the manufacturer at  The kit that I have comprises the tail plane, rudder/fin, and ailerons and elevator, all have been completed,  both wings one of which is partially built but need finishing, all ribs and material for the second wing including the main spar which was constructed by the manufacturer, two wing tanks and a pair of wheel spats.  I have a very comprehensive set of plans and full pictorial construction details. THe remainder of the aeroplane can by built from the plans or kits of parts are available from the manufacturer.  These parts have cost around 10,000 but i am now selling these at 2,000 Euros (approximately 1500 at today's exchange rate 5/2015 ).  It is located at the farm here in Peyrat de Bellac, France. and will have to be collected from here.

Vichy Charmeil 2008


Vichy Charmeil 2009